The company founders have more than 20 years of IT experience, with more than 11 years in SAP systems. After participating in many projects, it was verified that critical processes taken too much time for the result, thus delaying important client decisions, which could lead to large billing losses.

To fulfill this scenario Warp-Z created a pioneering product that was 100% developed by our professionals and makes the customized programs to get fantastic performance gains.

  • Generate real performance gain in critical process without hardware investments;
  • Generate value gain for the customer;
  • Relation based in transparence and trust between customer and our staff;
  • Renewal of knowledge;
  • Commitment and respect;
  • Team force working together aiming the growth and strengthening of the Warp-Z;

High Performance without hardware investments

We are specialists in SAP services, seeking to attempt our clients in all their needs through a complete line of services. Our service delivery models are valuable differentials to achieve our clients' goals:

  • Installation and coupling: Service required to set up the Warp-Z product license for performance enhancement programs. The Service can be done by the Warp-Z consultants on demand or by the technical team of the company that purchased the product;
  • Update and Support: Remote support service and product evolution, calculated by contracted program license. The customer acquires the right to receive software updates during the contracted period and request support and remote maintenance from the Warp-Z team if there is a problem in the software core;
  • Training: Face-to-face training for the correct use of the solution and training of the coupling of programs for a group of 10 employees in the client's premises. In case of purchase of the licensing package for use from 50 programs, the training will be free for a class of 10 client employees;
  • Consulting services: Closed scope (on-site or remote) Warp-Z deployment projects, environmental performance analysis or standard SAP processes, SAP performance workshop and ABAP best practices, Quality Assurance review for ABAP development process, and professional specialists.

Warp-Z - Unique product, created and improved by our team, with the objective of accelerating the performance in the execution of customized programs in SAP and monitor / control the security of the SAP environment under the effect of applied parallelism. Our solution has all the records in the competent bodies, which prove our exclusivity in the SAP technology market.

Warp-Z is marketed by right of use of license by limit of number of customized programs coupled to the solution. Sold in the modalities of perpetual license or annual license (temporary).

The Warp-Z product has the following modules and functions:

  • WZ Kernel – Set of classes and functions that, triggered in the right way, already do the parallelism in the processing routine of your customized program;
  • WZ Monitor – It is possible, among other functions: to pause a job execution (something pioneering in SAP), allowing continuity where it left off, without loss of previous processing and also to generate more machine priority (+/- BTC) per program;
  • WZ Results Report – Graphically displays all the performance gains that the product generated by the coupled program;
  • WZ Log Messages – It allows to concentrate in a single place all the messages of the programs of the coupled programs;
  • WZ Configurations – It is the place of control and configuration of the licensing, couplings and behavior pattern and definition of capacity limits of the installed SAP environment. Here the solution is guaranteed to work well with the available infrastructure.

"Applying the Warp-Z in the custom programs, you get fast responses for your queries, loads and batch processing in a simple, convenient and low-cost way."

Without Warp-Z we found the following scenario:
  • Delay in obtaining data for decision-making;
  • Reduction in market competitiveness, due the slow processes response time;
  • Difficulty of expansion for new or existing processes;
  • Increase in operating costs.

"Applying Warp-Z in custom programs, you get fast responses for your queries, loads and batch processing in a simple, convenient and low-cost way."

Fast data access

Get fast access to essential SAP® ECC ERP information that would only be available within a few hours or even days.

Efficient use of resources

Exceptional performance gains without investment in hardware infrastructure.

Lower operating cost

Quickly and efficiently loads of data, reports and queries.

  • Performance increase;
  • Fast response time of critical process for decision-making;
  • Optimization of the use of current servers;
  • Low intervention in existing programs, bringing results in the very short term;
  • Reduction of operational costs;
Lower operating cost
  • Adoption of customer standards in an accelerated manner;
  • Professionals with certifications, language skills and travel availability;
  • Agility in negotiations / Decision making;
  • Transparency of models and costs;
  • Flexibility in the relationship with the team, clients and partners.

"Here we present some of the greatest achievements, the satisfaction of
our clients and the fulfillment of their needs "

  • Josevelto Florindo

    CIO - Lojas Leader


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